Why Light In Life

Vision and Mission

We all sincerely feel that it is our moral responsibility to help the helpless and socially exploited people as well as physically and mentally challenged people in India and to bring light in their life through various projects supported by us.

Through our engagements, we provide a shelter to homeless people who doesn’t have a roof under the sky so that they can live securely without any fear, food for hundreds of thousands of people who do not have any means of earnings to get their daily food, education to tribal children who live in very remote undeveloped areas totally cut off from the modern world and vehicle to help physically challenged people to move around enabling them to earn their own livelihood.

It is the policy of our organization that the donated amount goes fully and completely to the end recipient, without using this for any administrative expenses.

Our Values

“Together we are stronger”
We live here in Switzerland for a long time and we can very well compare the both sides of rich and poor. The situation of this disparity often confronts us. Donations made individually have many shortcomings and limitations. It doesn’t matter how big the amount is, but every single cents is valuable. So we thought of doing it collectively. This thought led us to form a charity organization by which we may be able to do great things.

“Be a Light to light a Life”
Each member of “Light in Life” is dedicated to give a spark of light where a chain reaction is initiated so that one day the whole darkness of helplessness whatsoever is eradicated from the Society.

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